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sexylilsweetie (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2004 at 12:55am
Music: nbc2-news.. lol
Subject: I'm sick :/
I havent been up to much lately I had to watch 2 of my cousins all day on tuesday it really aunt tried calling here like literally 30 times and I didnt answer so then she just shows up at my house and I had to answer the door cause Mikes car was here so she would know so anyway she said the daycare had closed since they were out of power or something and so she just left em here and went to work.. 1's a boy and hes 5 and the other one is gonna be 1 tomorrow thye both acted like brats so luckily mike was here to help me with our son. But anyway that had really sucked so I was way to tired to go to the ged class so I'm going tonight and this should hopfully be my last night if not definitly next tuesday so I'm excited about that. I dont feel good today though I have like a cold or something I'm all stuffed up and everything and I'm not supposed to be but I'm having my time of the month :/ well I am about to watch days of our lives and put michael down for his nap.. I'll update later <3 Kayla
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