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brandi52_lp (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2004 at 2:29pm
so here i am.. all bored and stuff. but that's ok. i'm here with my dear cousin.. at school. she's working on a yearbook spread. *looks at her. anyways. hmm.. i thought joe was here.. but apparently not.

so i think i'm finally getting over it. not that it matters to anyone but yeah...

i can't wait until school get out. then we will officially be "upperclassmen" that makes me happy. plus i think next year will just be funner than this year was... it better be anyways. Erika and I are going to be in AT LEAST 3 classes together next year!!!!! 3 whole classes!! that's the most classes we've been in together since 3rd grade cause our 3rd grade teacher was evil and wanted to see us crushed in the real world... not really.

so i babysat for another 4 and a half hours on tuesday. that went ok.

well since i have nothing else to say...

Have a great day everyone:)
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