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daisymae (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2004 at 4:48pm
my lil ashlie one-
dearest, you are so amazing and you dont pass judgement. you make up your own mind about people and i love you for that. you deserve absoloutely nothing wrong in your life and im sorry you just don't care. i understand that completely, its so easy to just let that happen...let apathy rule your life. its so easy to slip into that, but so hard to get out. remember that there are so many people that love and care about you and dont want to see you hurt. i know were not the greatest friends but you mean mucho lot to me. feel better my dear, the sun will come out tomorrow (i stold form Annie yay)
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04-15-04 8:55pm

Miss emily lady, that made my day :) I didnt know I mattered that much to have a whole entry about me haha. I care lots about you, and just because in my journal I seemed like I hate everyone, I dont. I do care about certain people like you and lins and carrie and la la la, thank you very very much for all that you said. I love you darling, really.
Thank you thank you thank you :)

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