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Hiei (profile) wrote,
on 4-16-2004 at 1:22pm
Current mood: content
Music: Legend of Mana Main Theme
Subject: Better days.
These past few days have not been so bad, everyone seems to have got the idea that I have no intention of speaking to them and I'm not as nervous as I was. I'm confident I'll pass, I study enough and that's all that matters. Omi and I went to the mall, that place gets more crowded everytime I go.. We played at the arcade, bought Naruto Part 5 and got something to eat. When we got home I played Onimusha 3, he watched. Riyu came over.. We are going to have a race to see who beats suikoden 4 first once it comes out. It was fun. We made plans to see the Naruto movie when it comes out too. I have not hung out with anyone for awhile, we've all been busy with exams so it was nice having a break. That's about it. Yakatta, da ta baiyo.
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04-16-04 12:39am

Man I wish I lived around you some live a much more interesting life then I life is my profile has stated many a time..because there is nothing to do...AHG!!

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04-16-04 12:44am

Surely you have friends and a mall Kurama.. How bad can it be?

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04-16-04 10:03pm

I'm happy for you, Hiei. Although.. I'm a bit saddened that you did not tell me this as it happened.. and I would love for you to be more detailed of your visits in your journal.. and bring a camera next time ::grins:: ^^

Yes.. well.. have fun with exams and I'm gald you are more confident.. people really need more of it...


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