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mystery (profile) wrote,
on 1-11-2003 at 7:15pm
Current mood: depressed
Subject: i'm not doing so well today.
i've left my room all of twice. i read an entire book, back to front, and mostly it just convinced me that humanity is a terrible mess and the best thing i can do is just stay in my room and not bother with anybody because they're certainly rather more worthless scum than not. i keep eating. i'm not even hungry, but i keep making and eating food. my neck hurts. i've spent the past four hours reading comic strips online. nothing seems worth doing. i'm sick of crossword puzzles. maybe i'm getting seriously depressed. maybe every weekend day is going to be like this, me sitting in my room alone and bored because i'm not brave enough to venture out into the evil world. maybe i should stop feeling sorry for myself. maybe i really am a pathetic excuse for a human being.
maybe, just maybe, angelboy, it's just been too long since i've talked to you.
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01-12-03 5:05pm

i hope you feel better, corita.

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