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highlyevolved (profile) wrote,
on 4-16-2004 at 9:12pm
Music: the clash :: london calling
Subject: the magic of lil jon
We got into so much trouble today during 6th period...Emily, Katie, Kim and I were all wearing our ugly ass glasses and cracking up because one pair was like a bad ass cop kind, mine were old granny from Palm Beach and Kim's were little kid wannabe pimp type. Katie stole the badass cop ones and started doing 80s dance moves- which translates to jerky weird movements and head bobbing. So we're switching glasses and someone brings up how Parkside View got signed to Def Jam south [ how the hell a punk band got signed to DJ i have no idea] because they met Ludacris at a Krystal or something. Emily brought up that Lil Jon makes so much money acting like a retard and then said I really bet he's smart and then said in a British accent as Lil Jon " Those fools! They think I can only say 'yeah' , 'okay' and ' from the window to the floor' and I make millions of dollars from it !' and then the sunglasses issue was brought up. Why would Lil Jon wear sunglasses 24/7 unless there is something wrong with his eyes? Then we realized Lil Jon is suffering from a condition known as fuckedupeyesitis. Despite his mad talents for making scary loud noises, and large amounts of bling...this disease is inopperable. The Lil' Jon skit on Chappelle's show was awesome though. Then Kim tells us that her locker smells like cheese and after class is over I go over to take a wiff. Holey cheese did it smelled worse than bleu cheese ever smelled like poop + massive amounts of stinky cheese + rotting something. Really gross. So that's how things are...and be kind to the people who have a locker below you and don't put stinky stuff in yours.
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