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GoLdIe18 (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2004 at 6:59pm
Current mood: discontent
Music: Dispatch
Subject: Moviestars and fantasies...

well first off....Im thinking about making this Journal like GOSSIP GiRL. yeah the book but like, since I know alot of juicy news around town, i was thinking about making my own gossip girl site. but see...i think people would get comment on this please! and tell me what you think!! meanwhile ready the books (5th one comes out in May)and check out

Anyways back to MY life...
I know in my previous entry I wrote how I could try and prevent my downfalls. Well I cant. Im in one of those need to have a rainy day at camp moods, where you just put on sweatpants and sweatshirt, hair on the top of your head in a messy bun, and you curl up on your bed, rain hitting against the roof of bunks, it all sounds so perfect.
I need that so much right now, and I dont know why...this week was so hectic and crazy at Natick High. I mean, with everything that went on, my friends problems becoming big news, it wasnt pretty. Yesterday was an easy day as far as classes go and all, and at the end I was SO excited for the weekend and spring break :o) Only, this weekend has been part of my grounding, and so last night I went out with my dad, only to get me a new bag I needed/wanted so I could have it in time for Montreal and today was also spent being grounded, doing a spanish project and watching the Yankees/SoX game. yay sox, we won 5-2! yayy! tonight I have to babysit and organize what Im bringing to Montreal. anyways, tomorrow morning I have practice from 830-1130, and then I ahve to go get a book (Mr.Maybe) for the trip, and then come home and pack and go to temple tomorow night. Monday ill be at Sarahs and downtown all day and then to Randalls with the family first for dinner and then just me to sleepover, tuesday morning we leave bright and early for our 35 people from prozzie amazing trip to Montreal :o) :-D I cant wait for this vacation to really kick off, it'll be relaxing and fun, meanwhile im stuck in here, upset with myself. this sucks.

-pretty pretty princess meets ugly duckling-
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