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butterflykisses37 (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2004 at 1:26pm
Current mood: I don't really know.
Music: My Chemical Romance..<3
Subject: I have the best boyfriend ever.
this weekend has been really fun. on Friday, Rach, Jennah, and I went shopping at the altamonte mall, or at least I did. my mom picked us up around 730 and took us to the oveido mall, for the, for but of course he was being an asshole, like always, so we stalked Sock Kid. Miss Donna and Mr. Steve picked us up around 930, we went to Taco Bell, then to Jennah's, and then back to my house where we just..hung out..yea so then it was Mishel's turn to be an asshole. god, these boys. anyways, we slept, cat woke us up in the middle of the night, Jennah's phone woke us up in the morning. ehh. she left. Rach and I ate and..hung out. she left. I picked up Alex and we went to FYE for...MCR and AVENGED SEVENFOLD TICKETS!! :) :) this made me extremely happy. then I went over to Alex's..we hung out, watched the Fifth Element. then went to Winter Park Village to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. holy whoa, it was awesome. it is seriously up there with Empire Records. in the beginning, Jim Carrey reminded me of Conor Oberst. and as they show the relationship parts, it reminded me of me and Alex. minus the parts where she's totally going off on him, because we're not that bad. but yea, it was a great great great movie. it's kind of hard to follow, but that's one of the reason I liked it so much. anyways, if you get a chance, definately go see it.

alright guys, 5 days. 5 days until I see Gerard Way. my countdown has begun. :)

and I love Alex.
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