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orfwashere (profile) wrote,
on 4-19-2004 at 3:59pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: haitian fight song
I wish I had a prom date.

I wish my car was ready to go.

I wish she would talk to me.

I wish I was in college allready.

I wish I wasn't the loser I try so hard not to be.

How come things never work out my way? I wish, for just once, that I could have a nice thing, and have it last.

Well, aside from my rant, I got two superiors at state S&E, and made district honor band. I was really impressed with the honor band, and hope that college will be like that, or better. I earned my spot to be the bari sax player fair and square, and Mr. Lerner tried to screw me out of it TWICE. asshole. I'm definately ready to go on to college band. I've had enough of high school, and it's directors, and their atitudes. I'm sick of high school in general. But on the brighter side, USF isn't offering me any scholarships, but around $8500 in financial aid. sweet. It pays to be poor.

and lonely.
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04-19-04 8:09pm

Wow, nice job at S&E!

You're not a loser, AJ, so don't cut yourself down so much. Things will have to look up sooner or later. Hopefully it'll be sooner for you.

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