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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 4-19-2004 at 8:08pm
Subject: you make me barf a little.
i did really shitty on my assesments...

but at least im not PROBED! WHAT!

hahaha at least i am not probed, that is allli can say, because missed it by like .3 points.i feel good now.

aaaannnnddddd, all i have to do, is finish my painting. herutjkl.adsf

that will take a year.

god damn, god damn.

today was ok. it was utterly normal.
i mean. it was so normal, it was actually kind of disgusting.

i had to give my kitty two baths yesterday, she had fleas. ew.

my day was wholesome. the only thing that made it un -fifties-ish was that, as always, i ate dinner by myself.


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