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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2004 at 10:06pm
our cat sunshine makes me cry, because when it gets dark he walks around the house meowling. and he rubs against your legs. the poor boy's last family abused him :(.
its not even regular meowling. its just the sadest noise comming out of him.

todayci was talking to chappell. and he was like we are both good enough to be majors. then he said something about being too lazy to try out again or something. i told him i want to be a major senior year, so i could have a senior show.

that made me feel pretty good.

lol he wanted me to walk to grab and go with him. i was too nervous though so i didnt go.

mary said we should hang out outside of school sometime.

and kristie said i looked pretty and tall today.

you should always, always remember the complinet people give you, and forget the insults.

i have told myself that for the longest time, and yet i usually remember the insults.

so i will start sounding really conceided, and writing all of them down, so this way, i can readit over and think, "i do so get complients

wow. we all looked so young and funny in middle school.

WAHHAHSGYUWG CARINA i just saw you 7th grade picture. ADORABLE?!?!? i think so!

ok thats all for me.

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04-22-04 10:20pm


burn it! burn it!
i hate that picture.

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