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daisymae (profile) wrote,
on 4-23-2004 at 11:31am
Current mood: owie
Subject: gr
so my night is definitley going to consist of doing mrs.grahams project and chillin with my mom...and the rest of the weekend is tryouts and more as lenny would say it is a 'fake weekend' eh. its okay i dont really mind.

uhm, i dont have much else to say really. im half way done with the assigned reading for english. neat
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04-23-04 8:35pm

I'm having a 'fake Friday'....if it wasn't for the lacrosse game tomorrow I'd be having a 'fake weekend' too. they suck balls.

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Re:, 04-23-04 9:51pm

lol indeed the ball sucking is happening. its okay though, my weekends stressful enough without having to worry about all the drama of its goodo to not do anythign this weekend. good luck at lacross!

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