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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2004 at 4:14pm
Current mood: sad
Music: nothing
Subject: eh
so i'm done. officially. school's over. i don't know how i did. i'm thinking not the best. probably a coupld of C's mixed with the usual B's. if i get an A i'll flip out. like really, flip out. i don't think i will though, there is no classes where it was extremely easy or i did super on all the stuff. had the luau last night. it was fun. i enjoyed it. the pork ass was good too. tee hee ;) so its like 4 and i'm still in allentucky. i should do some laundry or something. but i think i'm going to wait until i go home tomorrow to do it. i dyed (sp?) my hair. its a little darker than expected but i think its actually closer to my origional yeah it looks ok. i kinda like it. i hope my blond highlights fight their way through. i think so, cus they never really dye anyway. so yeah this is boring. i'm going to go and eat leftover chinese. have a safe and fun summer, if you are around and want to hang out call the cell. i'll probably be road tripping a lot when i don't have to work at uhell. so bye friends! i'll try and update this more often (which will happen cus i'll be at work :) )
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