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the-last-tear-will-fall (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2004 at 4:10pm
okay, first day:::

well I was in a group with Jenny, Amber and Misty and i spent most my time with danielle and kathryn. and we went t like all these cool places and yeah

Day 2::::

We got our group photo and then ther was this threat, so wwe had to leave
then yeah then at night we saw the show *cats* and i'll just say, that wasn't one of my best nights.

day 3::::
At dinner Chlesie and I became friends again, and so did me and Andi.

Day 4::::

I spent most of my time at the mall running around with mike e. tyler, ashley, and danielle, and yeah it was alot of fun we were going up and down escalators mroe then I can count.

Moral of the whole trip for me::::

When u get into fights with your friends, u find out who is really ur frined, and who isn't and I also found out that *true friends hold the keys to our heart*

True friends::::

Amber Missy Kathryn Sam
Chelsie Danielle Sully Andi
Josh P. Josh R. Brett Grace
Erin Jilly Ashley C. Megan
Ashley N. Emily H.

People who I never want anything to do with again in my whole life::::

Ian Vanessa Erica Casey

And I don't know how Paul and I are :-?/ Or me and Melissa

Oh and Ian -- Racists is against a skin color dumb ass, no someones weight, nice try, but i really don't care about u! And I'm not a skany ass whore either, u fucking lieing cheating bastard
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