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butterflykisses37 (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2004 at 6:58pm
Current mood: itchy.
Music: G-G-G-G-G Unit..talking about Gerard of course.
Subject: another worthless survey for another bored emo internet freak.
Whats with you?
Your name:::Shannon
Name you wish you had:::I like my name.
Age you wish you were:::old enough to drive.
Number of sibling:::1.
Number of siblings you'd like:::2 or 3.
Your Opinions
Is there anyone you're better than:::a few people, not being conceited.
What kind of person do you consider yourself:::nice.
What do you enjoy doing most during a regular day:::brushing my teeth in the morning.
Who do you find most beautiful:::Alexander.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how sane are you, 1 being most sane:::7..I know some who would beg to differ.
How do you view the rest of the world:::society is dying with each breath we take.
How does the rest of the world view you:::nice.
what controversal topic do you feel most strong about:::abortion.
What is heaven to you:::Alex's arms..and legs.
This or That
Life or death:Life.
Pain or ecstasy:depends.
Tears or laughter:both.
Solitude or Company:depends.
Night or Day:day.
Storm or Sunshine:both.
Cuts or Bruises:cuts.
Cloths or nudity:clothes.
Honesty or secrets:that's a toughie.
Humility or Criticism:criticism.
Dark or light:dark.
Frail or strong:frail..strong..whichever you prefer.
Gentle or rough:gentle.
Eccentric or normal:eccentric.
Dreamer or realist:hah.
Why not the random things
Where is your happy place:::see "What is heaven to you."
who makes you happiest:::Alex.
Who makes you some others.
Worst moment in your life:::something to do with my mom.
Best moment in your life:::something to do with Alex..and bed..wait, that hasn't happened yet. damn.
Most farfetched life goal:::whoa, Miss, hold a stranger's hand in Central Park.
What do you try hardest to do:::make happiness.
What bad habit do you catch yourself doing most often:::crying.
What irritates you most:::people.
do you believe in true love?:yes.

Just to get you thinking... brought to you by BZOINK!
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