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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2004 at 10:44pm
Current mood: crazy
Music: Wicked
So many affectionate boys

So many interesting things happened to me this weekend...


Ehhh...I stayed in I think. I can't remember Friday, so evidently it wasn't important...and if it was important...I am so sorry. No wait, I did stay in. So no, Friday wasn't important.


I don't really remember how I woke up, which leaves me to assume that Melissa called me and woke me up. I just remember suddenly I was awake and dressed and walking out to Sam's car. The first place we stopped was Wal-Mart. Okay, do you ever just see something and then go, "I need that right there!" even though you really have no need for it at all? Well, when I got into Wal-Mart I decided that I needed a disposable camera and smoothies. Sam bought me the camera...he's such a dear...and then we all went out to Smoothie King. I like smoothie king because they have such kick ass tasty smoothie, and then the sign tells me they're healthy smoothie, so I feel like I've accomplished something. We sat in smoothie king forever just drinking smoothies and talking. I got the 32 oz smoothie...this will come into play later. It seems like we did something else after the smoothies...but I can't really remember what it was. We ended up at a gas station and I had to get something to drink because the smoothie didn't really help my thistyness. I also got sour gummy worms, just because I like them. We decided that we were going to hang in Atlanta, and then realized that Nick had a free parking pass. So we headed on over to Jillian's to grab that from him. Brent was there, which was a suprise because we didn't think he was gonna be there. He was like, "Are you guys eating?" and Melissa and I were like, "No. We're not even staying that long." This of course shocked everyone...because it was Saturday...and we're always at Jillian's on Saturday. I was introduced to a new server by Nick. He was like , "This is my girlfriend Melissa and this is Bekie." That kinda made me sad for some reason, and I said, "Awww...I'm always just Bekie." Brent was like, "You're my future love." So now I have a title to go with my name, which is always good I suppose. After that we headed out of there and into Atlanta. We walked around for a bit and then went to Andrea's recital. This was when I really started to regret that 32 oz smoothie. I thought I was gonna vomit all over the place, but after the recital started, it was all good because Andrea's kick ass performace took my mind off of it. Man, she is so fucking amazing. I hope I can be half as good as she is when I'm her age. After the recital we were all hungry, so we decided to switch things up and go to Chillie's and see Josh. He was atcually there this time. He gave us lots of free food, and he seemed to be hitting on me a lot...asking for my number and that sort of stuff....and I was like, "hmmmm, I always thought Josh hated me." After eating I was hit on by swingers...again. If you really want to know about the swinger story...just ask...and I'll most likely tell you. Sam went to a college part next, so Melissa and I decided to go home.


My most generous and loving Sam decided that he was going to take me home on Monday, so I could spend an extra day with everyone. We first went to Chilli's to meet up with Josh. I transfered to Josh's car and we rode to the AMC theater at Discover Mills. We went into Jillian's for just a sec. so Josh could say hello to everyone and such. We stood outside the theater for a while trying to decided what to see. Josh and Sam went outside to smoke. While Melissa and I waited, we got thirsty, so we went back into Jillian's and got a drink. By the time we got back out they had flipped a coin and decided that we were going to see The Punisher. The movie was actually really good. My favorite part was when they all sang was so beautiful. After the show Josh decided to split. I was all hungry so Sam and I danced to Jillian's (literaly) while Melissa stayed behind to chat with Josh before his departure. I was so hungry that Sam and I decided to go ahead and sit down, but we couldn't decide if we wanted to sit with Nick or Brent. We ended up flipping a coin and Nick won. Right after we sat down Melissa got back. It turned out Nick was super tired, so we moved to Brent's section. There was some good conversation all around. So good that I can't remember any of it...just that it was good. I think we chatted about going to Columbus on Friday. Anthem is playing and then after that we're going to celebrate Brent's birthday...which is on Thursday. Brent bitched about another table...but when they left he was all nice and smiles. This got the little wheels in my head turning. I told Melissa, "You know Brent's good at that...he could really hate us too and we would never know it." Of course the next time Brent comes by the table Melissa had to go into "Bekie thinks you hate her." He assured me that none of that was true...but's an idea. This idea really sunk in when I initially got the check. We had to pay for everything...which never ever happens at Jillian's! I found Brent and started yelling, "You horrible bastard! You put everything on the bill...even the drinks! You do too hate us!" He explained that they've been checking recently so he had to do that until things died down again. The funny part was he seemed actually concerned about how pissed off I seemed to be, so he was like, "I'll make it up to you...I'll buy you a real drink on Friday!" This seemed to excite Melissa way more than me because she grabbed me and said, "Oh Bekie..just'll have a whole week to decide what you want!" Brent was like, "No, I'm going to suprise her." This interested me...because I love suprises...which Brent knows. We stayed for a while to chat....and somehow Brent's idea of getting me drunk turned into getting me completly trashed (which is on my list of things to do before I die by the way.) Suddenly I just stopped because I had this absolute moment of brilliance. I was like, "You know what...there are a lot of threes in my life." This struck everyone as too funny, and then they wanted to know all about my threes. I was like, "Well, I've had three drinks in my life, and I've been to a porn shop three times." Yeah...I know...but at the time it seemed utterly significant. Melissa, Sam and Brent told me I had to think of one more thing so I would have three things. The best I could do was "the last time I was kissed on the mouth was when I was 13...and that has a three in it." Brent was like, "The three of us should kiss Bekie on the mouth right now." I wasn't too much for that...didn't really want Melissa kissing offense. While we were heading out Melissa came up with the revolution that they should all forehead kiss me, because I'm all about the forehead kisses. After Melissa and Sam did it they were both like, "Brent, you have to kiss Bekie on the forehead!" He said something like, "I don't do forehead kisses...only real kisses." or something like that. He came over to us and started to give us all high fives. When he got to me he stopped short and suddenly grabbed my face and kissed my forehead...and then proceded to completly lick my forehead. It was the single most disgusting and strange thing that has ever happened to me in that resuturant. I was all screaming, but I couldn't get away from him...his grip on my face was much too tight. When he finally finished he started to walk away, but then turned around and said, "And that was a first for me Bekie." It was so nasty...there was spit all over my forehead and in my hair. Melissa and Sam were laughing and one of them said, "Oh man, he just frenched your forehead!" At least I feel like I payed him back in some way, because he licked off all of my foundation...and I know that couldn't have tasted too good.


I woke up with a I ate some ice cream which totally didn't then I took some pills instead. Sam came around noon and we headed back for Carrollton. It was a super fun drive. We talked about a lot of stuff. At one point he even pulled over and asked for directions. I was so proud. And he bought me coffee. Sam is so super awesome.

And that's about it... I know, I know. Super long...but super interesting none the less.

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