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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2004 at 10:44pm
Current mood: extatic for no reason at all.
Music: Damien rice-cold water from "o"
Subject: Mighty happy.....mighty cool
A mighty hello to all you kids out there. I just got home from my dress rehersal. o quite fun let me tell you. hooray hooray hooray. It went horrible, but then again it always does until your opening night. Thats how Fiddler on the roof was. ah man i miss that play (i did it last year in Ohio.) ( now Im in TN...great fun) My sister's play was phenomenal. It was Endured stories of the civil was it was fantastic. but righ tnow I must go get my mother from the air port. Im very excited. I missed her. shes been in Utah with my new neice. thank you for listening/reading.
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04-27-04 10:28am

heya, about your comment on my woohu

< BGSOUND SRC=" - your music link - " AUTOSTART="true"
HIDDEN="true" LOOP="infinite" >
is the code [minus spaces at the beginning and end of tags ofcourse

if you want a music track just find the mp3 you want, right click on the link and go open in new window, and use that link in the code.

The band is Finch, they rock! Letters to you and What it is to burn are cool songs :)

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