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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 4-29-2004 at 6:39pm
Current mood: bitchy
Music: some seal song
Subject: oh god....too long at uhaul....
i need a drink. bad. so i'm going to the apartment, turning on some switchfoot and making myself some margarita's. a lot. i have stuff left. and some of someone else's. i'll call mark and check to see which one is his, but if the original isn't his, then whoever left it, sorry but its gone. i'll have to use it tomorrow as well. 12-8 and its going to be HORRIBLE! now i know why my mom drinks sometimes when she comes home. hell. and her job is worse than mine!! i have about 25min left. i've been here since 8:30, although until like 12:30 i was transfering a non-existant truck...i woke up and came here like an hour and a half early FOR NOTHING!! but i slept the whole way there and the whole way back :). my back is hurting. my ass hurts too. eekk...i can't wait until next week when it calms down. damn i'm bitchy when i'm working. right ok so 20min left so i'm going to crap around on the internet for a bit before i get out.

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04-30-04 3:04am

The original margaritas were Carl's. Enjoy!!
Love you lots sugar!

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