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irishidiot (profile) wrote,
on 4-29-2004 at 11:18pm
Current mood: chipper
Music: Ram Jam-Black Betty
Dude. Dude. Dude. Lots have happened since the last update.

Well, for those who read my last entry, you'd know that I had to take my permit test last Friday. So I did. I get to the DMV and I'm like, well, this will be boring, just sittin' here for a while... Turns out, I only had to sit there, for like, 5 minutes. Not only that, my buddy Eddy Solis was there too. Like I said, I sat there for my 5 minutes and then went to some old lady and she did the stuff. You know, the "Is this information correct?" and all that fun stuff. You know the one where shes like "Okay, now close one eye and read the chart"? I did that, and then she told me to switch eyes, but I pressed on my other eye when I closed it and made it all blurry, so I was like "Oh no!" But I did fine. Then I went over and had my picture taken. My mom said it looked like a mob shot. My hair filled the whole picture. No joke. I took my permit test and only missed 2, but those were trick-courtesy questions. No fair. Now on to later that day.

After the DMV, I went to a rehearsal for the Rene Claussen festival coming up soon at school. That was okay. The San Diego choir was supposed to be there, but they cancelled last minute. Dag. Then on to another rehearsal, at church.

So yeah, I had a rehearsal at church for my Confirmation. That went longer than it should have, just because of bad planning. So my sponsor and I were there from like 7 til 9 or 10. The next day was a very, VERY big day for me.

Saturday morning. I wake up and my grandparents are here. "Why" you may ask. For my Confirmation. So we get ready and go to the mass. Everything went good. I got lots of cool gifts like a ring, two necklaces (One of St. Gregory, the saint whose name I picked as my own. Just so you know, he's the patron saint of music, singing, and musicians along with some other stuff. The other of a gold Roman cross with Jesus attached to it.), some money and a Rosary. Good day.

Then Sunday. Went to church like always. After church, my family and I went out to IHOP (I Hate Overweight People). Well, on the way home we see the auto thingy at COC. So we drive in there (everyone else was walking) and my sister sees this car she wants to buy (a '91 white convertible Toyota Celica) and later that day, she gets it. Guess what this means, I get the Swedish Tank. Yeah, my first car, an '85 red Volvo 240. Not only that, its free. AND! it only has 82,000 miles on it. Freakin' amazing. My car. Whoa. And I just got my permit.

The rest of this week was okay. I got insurance for my car (WHAT!) and finished up the STAR testing. Its stupid though, they could have finished the testing LAST week if they made us test the whole day instead of HALF of a MINIMUM day. Idiots.

Today we (the choir and I) sang for Mr. Bolde (our principal/JFK) since it was his birthday. I thought we sounded great. It was cool. Also, there was voting today for next years' ASB. I voted for Jackie. I'm cool that way. Or something. It didn't seem like any of the candidates were ready or qualified for the positions. Then again, "a janitor could run ASB" like what my friend Boots said.

And I'm done. Anyone figure out the riddle from the last entry?
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