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innocence (profile) wrote,
on 5-1-2004 at 2:52pm
Music: maroon 5 - this love
Subject: last night was fun.
last night was fun.

i love kevin landis and colt. they're a blast to hang out with!

colt landis and kevin came and picked me up [[thanks landis .. ur awesome]] and we went to the mall for a little while. we had fun at spencers haha. we ran into jess for a little bit at hallmark and then kevin and colt got a little too hyper so we left and went back to kevins house.

we hung out there for a little while, ate some food, watched some tv. hung out with mike for a little while and then went to this girl allies house. i had never met her before but she was really sweet..

it was me colt kevin landis john justin allie trina and then jessica gibby michelle and andrew showed up for a little while.. it was cool.

mario and pat get back from orlando today!!! woohoo! so im thinking im gonna hang out with them tonight and probably sleep at pats house. i think im meeting up with michelle too.. but i dont know if shes stayin at pat's with me. who knows?!

but yeah, im gonna go finish the housework so i can go out tonight.. later


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