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70billion (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2004 at 12:12am
Music: Something Corporate-She Paints me Blue
Subject: See Reading can be a good thing
This last week was really busy. Im glad for Finals to be done, I glad for school to be done. The still remains show was the best show I have ever seen at skelletones. Friday FD played in K-zoo. THe show was lame but all the bands played well. On another note I cant wait until Thursday it will be awesome, but its almost a week away. I have been having relapese lately,
Im off to bed
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05-05-04 9:28am

sup dog?
congrats with being done with finals. if only i could say the same.

oh i can just hear college calling my name.

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05-06-04 10:45pm

what was thursday? if it was something way exciting, like some concert, i will be sad you didnt tell me.

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