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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2004 at 11:37am
Current mood: dorky
Music: live
Subject: ahhhh
AAHH!! 4 hours. june 19. cemetary thingy for my grandpa. poo. that's also jennie's birthday. they are also moving my uncle's ashes there then too. i think i'm going to see the babies tonight. at least for a couple of hours. i miss them. both of them. they are growing up so fast. so cute so cute so cute. i want jacob to come and visit me probably next thursday. we'll go to the park and stuff!! spend some quality jacob and me time. i'm all excited now. i'd do it thursday but i have to take my car in and also its the friends thing. so it will have to be next thursday. the 13th. i am actually glad i switched shifts with heather. now i'm out in 3 hours instead of 5. i'm not real tired anymore either. i went to bed at like 11 or something...i know i'm i should either a: pay the stupid $2 and keep this journal or b: get another one...hmmm...choices choices...good lord...i'm bored....2 and a half hours. YAY! seeing the babies tonight. and then margarita's at applebee's with lynn and something, i think a movie with stacy. we're going to watch big fish. the movie wasn't in the case last night so we couldn't watch it. lynn said she needs to talk to me...i hope everything is ok. she said its bad. i hope everything is ok....i have an hour and a half. there is still peopel from yesterday that hasn't gotten set up. damn...that sucks...but hey once 4 hits i'm GONE! i get to see babies!!!!!!!!!! i need gas. i should get that. i wouldn't make it home. hell i wouldn't make it to allendale. oh well. i just want to go home. and sleep sleep sleep. uh oh...this guy in kalamazoo called me "kiddo".....that creeps me out. majorly. its really bad. really really bad..well ok i have to go and do work. 45 min left. YAY! my friends are coming back!! well sorta...the roommates at least. i'm not sure if/when anyone else is. at least i won't be alone anymore at the apartment!! blah blah bye! call me i don't work tomorrow!!!

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