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whitenailpolish (profile) wrote,
on 5-2-2004 at 8:52pm
Subject: the last couple of days..
Myself, Britney, and Hailey went to Jerry's to see Throatshot. We get there at like 7 because that's when the guy who worked there said the bands would start playing. Well they didn't start until around 8:15 or so, so we just walked around and such. So they finally start and this one band ( I forget the name) came on. All I remember is the singer had a volcom shirt on. Oh and the guitarist had really pretty eyes. People started to mosh around me and I freaked out and ran off to the side, heh. So after them another band came on. The singer sucked really bad though. When he started to sing, I started laughing, then tried to hide it because I didn't want to look mean. THenn after they were done we went upstairs and got a soda. We went outside and some guy came by and asked us if we wanted some Jack in the Box. Twas kind of random.. well then the cops came and we had to go in because of curfew. (sp?) So we went back downstairs and Artemis came on. They were good. After they ended I saw a shaggy haired hot boy standing by himself off to the side eating pizza. I wanted to go talk to him so badly but my shyness was too powerful. So thennn State of Insomnia came on and they were good too. Britney was talking to the guitarist and he got her number. I started getting tired so Britney suggested I get a soda and chug it. Bad idea because it made me sick and I puked, blegh. Finallyyy at 11:50 Throatshot comes on we get to hear one song then, whaddya know, mom calls and says she's outside and we have to leave. Major disappointment. well there's always next time. So Brit and Hailey stayed the night, and we slept in mom's room cause her bed is bigger than mine. I stayed up talking to Britney until around 1:45 then went to sleep because I had to get up early the next day for my competition.

I had to wake up at 7:30 to get ready for the Comp. After I get done, we drop off Hailey and Britney, then head over to Ridgview. We had to help pull out the floor for drumline and put it up. After that happens my mother asked Ms. Alston if it would be alright to take me home because I was feeling sick, luckily she says yes, otherwise I wouls have had to stay there all day until Colorguard went on. So I go home and sleep for 3 hrs and eat, then get ready and head back to the school. We practiced and such for a while then went on. I think we did really good, we ended up getting 3rd though. It sucked because we were only a point away from second, but oh well at least we didn't get last.

I wake up and take a shower then called Haily to see if she wants to go to the movies. Her Mom said no though so I just lay around in bed for a while. Then she calls me and says that she met a shaggy haired boy and I should come over to meet him. So when I get over there I see him and he looked like he was 12 yrs old. Turns out hes 14 and in 8th grade. But ek, he looked way too young. He had a brother though who's in 11th grade. So we hung out at their house for a while, then headed back to Haileys. After a while they had to go. I almost got into a fight w/ Haileys little sister because she's a bitch, then Hailey did get into a fight w/ her. It was fun watching it. Finally at around 7 I had to come home.. and well.. the rest is history.

God, that's cheesy. oh well.

That was a super long post, probably the longest. Well, ttfn.
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05-05-04 11:40pm

Definitely! Yeah, my user name is "faintedstar". The website is and yeah. If we still can't keep in touch that way, my email is Yeah.. talk to you later! <3

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06-26-04 11:58am

heyy im CRAZY over taking back sunday! leave a comment in my journal~

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09-13-05 1:11pm

silly not posting person...

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