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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2004 at 5:59pm
Current mood: mellow
Music: swirlies
Subject: sorry.....
Im most apologetic that I havnt been more diligent in writing my wonderous entries not that any one acutaly reads these but hey. life goes on.And yet today is another endless day of wonders. today were the try outs for the high schoools fall play "little shop of horrors" there arent that many people trying out so I think Im ok. the try outs went alright. not the best i would have hoped but the director has seen me before in other prformances....ah who cares skrew it. so Jesse (my sisters lover in Ohier) told me about this new band the swirlies or just swirlies I dont know. and Im liking the tunes here. anywho. life goes on you have fun. please. everday that passes and that is just like bla I wish something would have happened. just signifigant. so I get my guitar out and Im like alright lets make something signifigant. I dont relaly know why Im telling you this I gues just beuacse today is one of those days......ha anywho. lets make some magic.....(hooray for aladin....its the part where they are going out of the cave of wonders.....or it may be the part when aladin is making his first wish to be a king....hmm I dont know. good quality movie though....t-ha)
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