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xMiyavixFanx (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2004 at 7:58pm
Current mood: content
Music: Bad Luck (Gravitation OST)- Super Drive
Subject: ...Filler post!

....Yes, this is a filler post. o.o; I really don't have much to say...but, my birthday is on Wensday! ^__^;; ...-Cough- I expect presents. xD Pretty bois are accepted as well. -Grins- Anyway, I'll be leaving with my 'favorite' Harry Potter ship. (There were actually right.. Yes, I like HP slash. ^^;; )

[harry + snape]

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05-07-04 12:02am

Waii!! I missed your birthday! I'm sorry hon :( -huggle glomp- ^_^ Happy belated b-day!

-presents you with secksi boy covered in chocolate- And random secksi j-rockers. Ahem.

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Hello..., 05-08-04 10:23pm

I'm sorry I missed your birthday! Happy birthday anyways...better late than never..right? Anyways, I hope your birthday was fun/filled with pretty boys. Pa!! ^_^

P.S. Here are some cookies!

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