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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2004 at 10:45pm
Current mood: happy//wondering
Music: incubus - aqueous transmission
Subject: the onlooker
the moon is back to its sneaky ways again
as it hides behind the clouds
and pops out every now and then

it glances down
as its glow is seeping
old knowledge to the earth

he looks upon us
as a grandfather would look
at his grandchildren

that old man has seen many days
but still reigns in the sky
once the sun has made its departure

but dont be tricked by his age
as he slyly smiles and the earth beneath
glitters in a magical golden hue

for he sees the magic that goes on
beneath the stars and trees
for his mystic light creates it

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hey hey hey its nacho day!yay yay yay yay yay!, 05-05-04 10:27am

ahhhh... my ps. such a lovely, wonderous, descriptive, beautiful poem. i like very much. and ya know wuts odd? i went outside this morn at 6am to feed my animals and looked up, saw a bright beautiful full moon and it lighted my way to my cats dish for me. i thought what a beautiful moon if only i could've enjoyed it longer. hehe just thought id give ya a lil story.
catch ya later

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05-05-04 2:50pm


i love it way much! :D

very true, the moon was beautiful last night. this morning i was looking at it on the way to school. it was in clear sight next to some pinkish-purple clouds.

wow. check out that awesome description. ^^

i am so good. :P

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