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70billion (profile) wrote,
on 5-5-2004 at 10:45pm
Music: Hidden In plain view
Subject: Show on May 24th
Hello Everyone,

On May 24 there is going to be a show At THE KENT THEATER. The bands that are playing are First Class(Chicago) Below Radar(Chicago) The Solar Experiance(Cedar Springs) Forever December(Grand Rapids) Junction 18(Boston) Its on a monday but the show will be an early show, It will start @ 6 and be ending around 930. 5 bucks will get you in. It would be awesome if you came to support the bands.
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05-05-04 11:09pm

holy shit dude.. Junction 18 is playing in shitty cedar springs?

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05-06-04 9:01am

fo shizzle

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05-06-04 2:07pm

I'm game.

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05-06-04 10:10pm

below radar has that hot asian bassist...


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