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cutlip (profile) wrote,
on 5-7-2004 at 7:02pm
Current mood: accomplished
Subject: stumblingfumblingrumblingDOWNTHEHILL
Jack and Jill:Went up the hill:To fetch a pail of w a t e r.

Jack fell down:And broke his crown:And Jill came tumbling a f t e r.

I wish somebodyanybodysomeTHING would draw this for me. This terrific visual I have of the poem that was far tootoo dirty for leetle cheeldren.

A comic. Set in the 19th century perhaps. With button down shirts and peasant blouses and chemises and bodices. YESYESIWANTTHIS.

Panel 1: Jack and Jill. Teenagers. Jack is young & young & FARTOOYOUNG to be willing & Jilling. It shows the two standing side by side. He is nubile. She is voluptuous. And holds a wooden BUCKET.

"Jack and Jill.."

Panel 2: Shadows of the two. A [silent] hill they walk up. An old well at the top.

"Went up the hill.."

Panel 3: The bucket is on the ground, upside down. Jill's blouse is on top of it.

"To fetch a pail of water."

Panel 4: Jack looks frightened. Jill's hand is pressing him downwards & his shirt is opened. She is smiling coyly.

"Jack fell down.."

Panel 5: Jack=orgasmface. Possibly nothing below the chest.

"..and broke his crown.."

Panel 6: Jill=orgasmface.

"..and Jill.."

Panel 7: The two. Intercourse.

"..came tumbling after."

It's genius. I'll sell quadrillions.
.. if I could draw.
..and if I were to include the second verse I dunno what I'd do. Probably something about Jack over there having an STD.

HELLO EVERYONE. I am [not]enjoying Champagne-flavored Jellosnacks.
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05-07-04 10:33pm

Your $2.00USD has been received. Thank you.

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Re:, 05-09-04 7:04pm

No problem. Thanks for lettin' me know.

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05-11-04 1:12am

hawt. i wish i could draw this for you.


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Re:, 05-11-04 1:32am

AW. Thank you. It's just something CRAZY inmyhead. For. Yanno. Quatever reezun.


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