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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 5-8-2004 at 12:47am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: tv
Subject: Updating here for a change!!
So...I went to Flight of Angels. Two of the three were excellent wth plots and acting and kinda sucked. I found that one to be rather boring and hard to follow...oh well. I went with Tiphani and Lori...Maggie and Molly were there. I was kinda mean to Maggie, but then wasn't...oh well again :-p. Tommorrow: Van Helsing NOONISH!!! I wanted to talk to Nicko, but could not find him(or did not look very hard) and I must call him tommorrow!!! EARLY! Ok. I shall sleep now. :)
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at school, 05-21-04 5:15pm

HIYA! Sorry I haven't talked to you and commented in a long time. Parental Controls. Watchful brother. Me being incredibly busy. :P All of those have contributed to me not *communicating* with you... sorry! Well I need to go comment on Nicko's journal and then do my classwork :P

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