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sinceibeenlovinyou (profile) wrote,
on 5-8-2004 at 11:02am
Current mood: anxious
Music: Sublime-Waiting For My Ruca
Subject: Let the People Rally Round Me
I love this cd. Wow. That should fix it for him. My reputation is shit in my school now. Why did i talk to them? Do I regret it? NO! It was fun! Tramping on the trampoline! Going on the roof! sleeping on the roof! This makes no sense to anyone, but no one reads this so does it matter? NO! Maybe I can stay over her house tonight. Mom probably wont let me because I have church in the morning. I'm not goin back home...god no! sublime. I'm just...yeah right now. I'm always gonna do this...this thing where im like, "I should've done this!","I should've said this!", but you know what? That's just me and I dont need some asshole telling me I have problems when I already know it...
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