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xMiyavixFanx (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2004 at 8:40pm
Music: hide- Beauty and Stupid
Subject: ...'Ello.
^_^;; Just saying hello, as I still don't have anything interesting to say. Besides the fact that I went out and bought Kill Bill Volume 1. x3 Yay? ...Well, school is almost out. Goddess, thank you~! -Weeps with happiness- ...I don't like school. School isn't fun. There are close-minded idiots homophobic in school. o.o

No, Adrian would rather stay at home on the internet. Or go out and play DDR...yes he would. Adrian likes talking in third person. @_@;;

...Anyway, I'll leave you with this line from the song I'm listening to...

"Ai-yi-yi-yi I just wanna make lurve~ I don't wanna fall in love! " And...

"Baby love you, love you like an animal! Baby love you, yeah! I wanna be your dog~" XD hide is awesome.

-Adrian <3

-Rest in Peace Hide. We all miss you. ;-; -Sobs-
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^_^, 05-14-04 9:38am

I don't really have anything to say...I just wanted to comment, you know? Ok, well I did and, I might add, I was the first! Yay! Ok. I'll go now. Pa!!

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Re: ^_^, 05-19-04 10:16pm

o-o Oh, well. Thanks for the comment~ -Hands glowstick- ^^

-Adrian <3

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