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runningaway (profile) wrote,
on 5-9-2004 at 10:55pm
Current mood: scared.
Music: garbage.
Subject: words ill regret saying tomorrow...
i thought i could handle this.
i thought i was strong.
i hate not knowing. i hate feeling like this and saying these words.
maybe its done, maybe its not.
i fucking hate this.
i hate loving you but i live to love you.
i love you and thats why its so hard.
i cant handle this much longer but i have to. its better than the alternative.

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05-09-04 11:03pm

carrie dear! i love u so very much! dont fret! ill see u in the am!

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05-10-04 11:35am

you is strong like ox. but prettier...and sexier...i love thee. kisses

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