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justamirage (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2004 at 4:05pm
Current mood: excited
Music: fuel - falls on me
Subject: KITTIES!
omg. today was craaaaaazy! i get in the car and my mom acts all pissed off and tells me shes angry and that shed show me why when i got home. im freakin out wondering what the hell i did. then i get in the house and theres a fuckin kitten sitting on the table! hes so cute!! and im like, this is what youre angry about?!?! dear god woman i thought i did something. but shes angry because she didnt want another damn cat. but we have one ha ha ha ha. its adorable. we need to name him. she wants to name it stoner or dwayne. i dont really know why. danny says we should name him mr. boots. well, tiger xavior boots. but same thing. and then every suggestion my mom made he put boots on the end so he can still call him mr boots. so maybe it will be dwayne stoner boots. who knows. all i know is hes cute and we need to name him.
any suggestions?
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05-10-04 4:38pm

I was roped into saying something like two guys making out is hot which is something that definitly is not true so I'm not gonna say it, but I AM gonna say that cats are cool and that you should name it EMOZILLA. Think about it. He'd be like "rawr!" and you'd be like "oh no! the emozilla is coming to cry our cities down!"

And something about Keri being aweosme, but that's not as important as the cat ;-)


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Re:, 05-10-04 5:18pm

wow jeff. i said to name it CHEESE! but i think EMOZILLA would probly be alot cooler.


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12-23-04 6:31pm

Hey, I know you dont know me but my name is Patrick [you can call me Angel]. Umm, his is kind of random but I have noteced that you ahve had some...... hard times with stuff and well, Id like to try to help. If you need anyone to talk to or anyone to just know that cares.... Im here. My email address is:
so if you need to talk my email box is always open, same with my journal comment thing. Anyway, I hope to talk to you soon. You take care of yourself.

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