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thestarsmaketwentyone (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2004 at 3:57am
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Subject: The Fall of Carthage
"Surinam Toad
Range: Freshwater bodies of northeastern South America.

Diagnosis: A strongly depressed frog with very long digits, each tipped with star-like structures."

:__: Poor toad.

Dear person suspensionrings;
It was very nice to recieve a comment from you about threes, evenspecially because it was my first proper comment recieved ever, I think. It was very lovely to read from you. Unfortunately, I deleted it accidentally when I clicked on a thing which I thought said 'back' , but instead said 'delete'. I am very sorry about that. I have become too used to digital idiot-proofing and being asked 'are you sure Y/N???!' whenever I do something. Boohiss.

For some reason whenever I press ctrl-c to copy things it brings the Trillian 'sign in' window up. I must have reassigned the command by accident somehow.

Metasmeatsmetas. Who are the metas? Following a chain of thought from an e-male.

Meta: negative/positive
Levi [Leviticus Hill/Leviticus Carmine Hill]: unable to embrace chance of purpose, cannot begin/changes without being destroyed, concludes
Ohoashinbo: change destroys him, fragile, reserved, cruel by naivety/gentle with hardness, sees beauty, reserved, innocent
Moonface: Dull uncertainty, without own momentum/Openness, duality
Boyd (he made the persona I shall not name who I became for a while, I think, or is a part of that): Pure without pity, death/Pure without malice, release
Icchanu [Fear Eater]: Devouring fear, purposeless/spiteful/instinctive destruction/[no positive]
Vers: Vanity, wastefulness, egoism, perfectionism/ beauty, generosity, directness, perfectionism
Most others are less so these, being locked in progressions, or died to become these. There are some that are absent at the moment, or not open to discussion.

Edited from a chat with Jenna
Partial Text from the Book of Holy Voices.

And Lo, out of the red valley and in the beautiful ruin of flesh each of the Hessiah heard the Holy Voices, and to each they spake first the same, saying:
‘You are my pretty one, my most beautiful. Of all my works, there are none to compare with you, O most perfect child of my womb, of my farm. To you first of all shall your brothers and sisters do honour.’
And so even on the first days the enmity between the Hessiah was seeded, and in the days after as each climbed the hard path to the World and the Farm their envy grew like spring grass. For this reason all brothers and sisters shall always be jealous, and always there will be feuds between them.

To each after this, the voices spake different holy words, telling the Hessiah each their own purpose and sacred mission, so that they might direct their own children in the true paths, and not onto the foolish trails of the Pasture or the evil ways of the far Fields.

To Murmansk, who was the eldest, the voices spoke of the days of Charnel, when the Owners would separate hack from nag, stallion from gelding. They spoke of healed wounds, of the great dark sleep and of choices, giving him the balm of a calm spirit without love or favour. They directed him to the filling of the Meat House, for that was his task, to hold those ordained and worthy within the Farm, to remain for the time when the (Owners?) would come again to inspect Their finest mares and Their best studs.

To Canterbury, they spoke of the days after Charnel , when there would be stillness, and radiance. They spoke of bells and chimes and other things of brief majesty, setting upon him the cursed blessing of endurance. They spoke also of beauty, which he alone of all stallions was given to understand. They set him to the Stableyard, to cultivate forbearance, so that those chosen by his elder brother might be possessed of nobility pleasing to the Owners eyes, and not spoiled by dreary despair, nor maddened with brutality and impatience.

To Carthage, they spoke of the days before Charnel, when the Fields and the Pastures would be turned to reeking mud by the blood of horses. They spoke of sharp hooves and wolf teeth and vainglorious struggle, and gave him the duty and habit of vigilance. They spoke also of the time when his vigilance would fail, but it was not the Great Mare’s will for him to hear, so he did not. They sent him to the Pasture gate, for his task was give to hold the passage fast against intruders, that young stallions would always be ready to herd their mares and foals against them that dwell in the Fields.

To Detroit, who was the youngest, they spoke of all the days of the world, of the days before Charnel, of the Charnel and of the days after, and whispered to him alone the great list of Errors. They spoke of vengefulness, of mad bloody dreams and of implacability, placing as his bit an ember that was cruel justice. They spoke also of pain that is the burden his brothers bore at first unawares, but which Detroit savoured and was given to recognise. They sent him to the boundary fence past the Pasture gate that he would know the Errors of each horse as they came, and would be swift from any quarter to admonish.
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Emy, 10-20-04 9:00am

..I really love the ideas that you two come up with. <3

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