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irishidiot (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2004 at 12:36am
Current mood: amused
Music: NoFx-Mattersville
They say a friend,
Is one whos there,
A friend is a guy,
Who really does care,

I have a friend,
Like one of those,
We have inside jokes,
About a bus and a hose,

We've had some good times,
Some good times indeed,
Those joke don't stop,
About a horse or a steed,

So when we're old,
And in old rockers,
Wearing blue striped shirts,
And suspenders with Dockers,

We'll still make jokes,
About a cookie or duck,
And joke about dancing,
Or driving a truck,

So this is to you,
My good friend Nick,
So let's make some jokes,
About a guy named Dick.

"About Me and Boots"-Peter Schmid

Well, I wrote this poem just for the hell of it, and at first I didn't wanna post it, but then I was like, whatever, and then posted it. Yeah.

So lately I've been up to tons of stuff. Let's start with... Wednesday? Yeah, Wednesday.


THAT was a long day. I wake up, and go to school like usual. So school was, meh. Same as always. But after school was a new thingy. Well, afterschool, I had to take a test to get into Honors English 10 Team. I get there and I figured it would be, write an essay about something, define some words, etc., but it turns out it was only to analyse two poems. Then you had to compare and contrast the writers' (as in two) views on the birds they describe in the poems and the observers of the birds in the poems. It was tough, because there wasn't much to contrast. There was tons to compare with: birds, flocks, formations, observers actions... So yeah, we had to write a formal essay on that. I didn't finish it completely. I got to the last paragraph, the conclusion, and they called time. Oh well. No biggie.

Later that day, I had to go to a dress rehersal for the Spring Concert. I got shouted at for being late, DESPITE telling my director I would be late ahead of time. Jeez. So I worked the curtains. Which I'm good at, I guess. Dooley said it. Not me.


During the school day, I found out that I had got into Honors English, woot! Then again, almost everyone did. That's cool.

Then onto the Spring Concert. I had to work curtains, and TRY to keep people backstage quiet. HA! The people in choir are such dipshits. They seriously don't know when the fuck to shut it. Idiots. So I pulled curtains, and when we sang we sounded awesome.


Picked up my tux for prom.

I was going to go to Vince's, but got lazy and didn't feel like going.


Got my haircut. I hate it, even though people say they like it. I hate it. I looooooved my long hair. I miss it. Now I gotta wait a few months for it to grow back. Its funny, in my DMV ID card, I have my big poofy hair. Now I have short, clean cut hair.

Prom. DOOOOOD (dude.). It was awesome. Before the prominade, it sucked, since I didn't know anyone but Merff (if you don't know the nickname by now, just shut up) on my bus. But when I got to the Sony Studios place down in Carson City (?) it got better. I shook it (danced), took pictures, hung out with my friends. Good times. There were some SLUTTY dresses at Prom. Jeez. I'm surprised their boobs stayed IN the dress. Serious. On the bus ride home, my good buddy Brian and I decided we'd start a Ska band, as soon as his grades went up. He'd play bass, I'd sing and maybe play guitar.


Went to the Museum of Tolarence in LA today. I went there before. It was better the first time I went, since there was no certain time we had to leave, I got to check out everything. But today was okay. After that, we (my Mod Civ or history/English class and the AP Euro class) went to the Pavilion Mall right down the street. Had some Chinese food. Mmmm... Fun game my friend told me, you ready for this? After you read your fortune cookie, add "Between the sheets." to the end of it. You get some funny stuff. So we ate, and looked around the mall. Went into EB Games, then left, then to Barnes and Noble, then left, then BACK to EB Games where I bought a game for my Gamecube (Metroid Prime), and a magazine. Then we left. Then we went to See's Candy. Bought a small box o' chocolates (insert Forrest Gump quote here). Then we left. Then we went onto the bus. Then we left. Then we came back to school. Then I left. I am home now.
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05-12-04 9:37pm

i liked your long hair, but i think your hair cut is cute too! but don't fret, it will grow back soon enough!

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