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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2004 at 3:22pm
Current mood: crazy
Music: freek-a-leek BY Petey P
Subject: award n ty
ok since like saturday ty's been goin out wit abbby n everyone's askin me if i'm ok n i'm sayin yes i'm ok wit it plus i like this kid shane who lives behind me. omg sk8r/thug. omg hottness n now ty's like u don't luv me nemore blah blah blah.. but i still luv him i just dunno what's gonna happen yet.. time will tell me. i was talkin to him about how many different things i hear so i decided i'm never gonna lie again no matter how much it kills me!! n for the last two days i've gotten awards one from lees county for takin the s.a.t.'s n scoring a 960 n then from duke university today i got a medal for my"high" score ya neways i'm smart! ya kno smart people watch lifetime n "otha's" watch dicks n robbers i mean dickie roberts former child star. lol i/j elyse n ty kno what i'm talkin about.... i'm srry i haven't rote in this in a while but i'll ttyl luv ya - shorty!
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06-06-04 10:25pm

lifes a bitch and than you die, so fuck the world and lets get high

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