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innocence (profile) wrote,
on 5-11-2004 at 4:10pm
Current mood: frustrated
Music: staind - mudshovel
Subject: whipped
mario / pat .. thanks soo much for cheering me up today

and zach, thanks for making me laugh last night..

i love you all soo much

today sucked, im soo frustrated with christine and mike again, i want the sadness to go away! its not fair that shes not allowing him to talk to me. its rediculous.

i just wanna hit her once, to make a weight be lifted off my shoulders, even if she sat on me and smushed me, or beat my ass.. just one good hit and i'll be happy.

she acts like such an immature child. uugh! and obviously mike never really had a friendship w/ me if he can just stop talking to me cuz his nasty ass g/f doesnt want him to. whatever, im done.

i should just apologize for being a bitch/slut or whatever the hell else she wants to call me. well im done venting.

thanks to all my friends who keep me sane! i love you guys! [[u know who u are]]

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05-11-04 7:50pm

thats wut shes expecting u to do...u didnt do anything wrong! mike will eventually realize that he made a mistake...then she'll be the miserable one...and u can laugh in her face!!!

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Re:, 05-11-04 8:03pm

yeah.. but remember jen i broke the "best friends rule". dude.. im a bitch and slut for going out w/ her ex? is that how it is.. god this is so frustrating, friendship.. thats all i want to have w/ the kid, and i wish christine could at least let him do that. but he's the one listening, so its his fault too. she's a miserable person who has to make everyone else miserable too.. i cant let her get to me anymore then she has.

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don't you dare.., 05-12-04 10:32pm

Dani, you better not apologize to her!! She should be the one apologizing to you for making you miserable. She should be the one apologizing to you for ruining your relationships. So don't you dare apologize to her. Seriously..Do i NEED to hit a bitch?? *hehe* i love you! -MeLiSs

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