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emo414 (profile) wrote,
on 5-12-2004 at 4:46am
Current mood: aggravated
Music: bittersweet symphony - the verve
Subject: going crazy
friend and pop are on their way to a concert, lindsey broke up with nathan, and i got a 62 on a math test. school is amazingly over in only 6 more days (8 including the weekend). highschool is so crazy its amazing with all the drama and work and studying. this year has been good though, but i cant wait for it all to be over. i can remember gym class first period last semester, me and lindsey were inseprable, and thats when me and mary vance were friends. i remember everyday i would go to that class, complain about how i cant stand alex and frankie, and how i didnt understand how my best friend went out with my ex girlfriend, and i was such a little bitchy emo kid that i couldnt realize that one day it would all be over, no matter what. whether the person who u are best friends with or the person that you are in love with, or think you are, moves away, or if someone close to you passes away, or if in some way you die yourself. somehow part of you dies under all the stress and emotions that are life. its so easy to loose yourself in this world. loose yourslef to a girl or guy or loose yourself to drugs or alcohol, no matter what, something is going to get you, but maybe it will get you in a good way, but most likely not. it seems like everyone i know has lost part of what i used to love about them to one of these four things (girl,guy,drugs, alcohol). its crazy how once you loose someone you always want the old them back but you dont have the courage to say something to them about their addiction. so if u are my friend and u are reading this and u have lost yourself or even a part of you to one of the four or even more, admit it to yourself that you have, because right nowi am letting you know that even if you think your addiction helps, it is just killing you and one day its not going to be there for you, so just come to your senses and put what means the most to you first. bye for now.
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stef, 05-23-04 3:22pm

YAY we wre at the concert! thanks for puttign us in lol and i like the entry after this too

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