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xinfectionbytearzx (profile) wrote,
on 5-14-2004 at 9:42pm
Current mood: Eh
Subject: ::Not My Own...::
Can't believe this is happening. Hating my own self for all that I've fucked up.

I told myself I wouldn't get this way, now I'm living a lie, a lie of "alright's", and "okays".

Help me dig a hole out of the hell I've made. Why do I miss her? I told myself I wouldn't cry. And now when I see her name vanishing from everyone elses, I know exactly where she is. I know exactly where her hand is placed, where her smile is direct towards. I know, and I hate that. I wish I knew nothing. So I wouldn't have to care, or cry, or....hurt.

I'm missing something, and though I thought I was okay....I was mistaken.

I miss you. My Perfect Angel, innocence taken by that of my own.

I said I'd never cry for you, now I'd die for you.

If only you could come back, I saw you looking at me today. Yea, I know you saw me look right back.

So what was wrong? Why didn't you say "hi"? And Pretend everything was "alright"? Why didn't I smile like I used to? Instead, I hid my eyes.

Why didn't You cry?
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