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cutlip (profile) wrote,
on 5-15-2004 at 12:36am
Music: yourbloodwillmixwithmine
Subject: beinitselfyoumotherfuckingmotherfucker
So I'm not going back to Malaysia oon-teel June. I'm leaving all my bebbies behind. Butwait! there'smore!

My seeg left me. Ohmy. I'm feeling emotions I haven't felt in years. All I can do is blame myself for this.

F: oolish

I have 4told the future and it's blickityblackbleak. I wish I were a part of somebody's world but my own. What'sthat? Vilesays:
SSSSSSSScum. Should have exsssspected thissss. Estupido.Youfuckingsssssssscum.

Ohbaby, I love that sibilant hissing that you do|you sibling pissing WANKERFUCK.
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07-04-04 7:31pm

i mees you. so much.


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Re:, 07-22-04 9:08pm


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