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Hiei (profile) wrote,
on 5-16-2004 at 6:11am
Current mood: content
Music: Legend of Mana Main Theme
Subject: Soap and some Dirty socks.
I broke my pocket watch, I don't know how but it broke, the second hand fell off. Got my pay check and I went out and bought my own mini fridge. In it I will keep coke, pudding, string cheese, and whatever else I want for myself.. Need to get use to it after all, college is right around the corner. I got free soap from some place they were giving it away for some reason. I bought this spray stuff for my mum and they said, "Here it comes free with any something something something." When I got home I collected a huge pile of socks that accumilated in the corner of my closet.. I washed them and sorted them all. Uhh.. What else did I do? One side of my computer chair is broken so when I lean to the right I fall off, I guess I'll need to get a new one.. Neh, that's it.
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05-16-04 4:25am

hahaa your life is pretty funny well i just wanted to say thanx for writin in my chatter box ^_^!

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-, 05-16-04 5:17pm

It's the least I can do..

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05-16-04 7:45pm

Well, Hiei, I'd have to say that is your BEST post in your journal since I've started to read it.

I mean it ^^

Sounds like you had a enjoyable day.

Question, have you paid for your account yet? Are you planning to?


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-, 05-16-04 8:32pm

Um.. ok. How much do I have to pay?

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Re: -, 05-17-04 5:29pm

ha..and you called me stupid...anywho, yeah you have to pay $2. Yes, just $2...its pretty cheap...

Buda, have you paid yet???...

Wheeee! only a few more days until the cedar point trip!!! ^^


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