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jennabear (profile) wrote,
on 5-18-2004 at 4:22pm
Current mood: anxious
Music: Birds chirping outside
Subject: So...
Not much else to write...
School's done, that's a relief...
I completely screwed up my term paper for, I'm a little worried about that, is it wrong that I find it funny?

Oswego Orientation is Monday. That's cool, it gives me a reason to bring it up to Chris.
(wow, as I typed that, he texted me..)
anyways, it's going to be hard ..because either we have to break it all off, or put 2 1/2 hours in between us, which seriously SUCKS.
But, Chris and I are going to hang out on Saturday night, again, and I can't wait...

Jason still makes me smile. I took this picture of him, he has the prettiest smile, and every time I look at it, I melt.
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