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clarencechica (profile) wrote,
on 5-19-2004 at 6:35am
Current mood: aggravated
yesterday when i came home from work at about 9pm, mike was on line, (big FUCKING surprise!!!, he can be inside relaxing, but if i am not at work, i HAVE to be outside working!) but i walked through the door, and he was playing spider solitaire. ok, no big deal right? well, he was apparently still on line when he was playing and an IM popped up from tinasomething#, i didn't get a close enough look because he deleted it fast and signed off right away, BUT it was up there long enough for me to see that it had not just been a one liner, he had probably been writing back and forth for a while. his last line was "i gotta go" so i asked him, SEMI- jokingly (because he KNOWS that it fucking DRIVES ME NUTS when he IMs people and goes into chat rooms) who was tina? well, he IMMEDIATELY got all defensive and i told him i was joking with him, and then about 5 minutes later i said "so who was tina?" he said some chick that he was talking with that he had met online from clarence, and 'jokingly' i said "oh yeah, did you happen to mention that you were getting married in less then a month?" but i left the room in disgust (sp?) before i let him answer. and then he came out of the room and started watching tv like nothing had happened, and says, "i was soooooo bored waiting for you to come home" (like i fucking give a damn)... LOOK, i don't know if he is doing anything wrong but when he is TOTALLY acting guilty, and defensive about it, i mean come on, what am i supposed to think?!?!? i wish i could cancel my aol, and online for him, but i can still go online. now, i am 24 years old and SO over the whole chat room IM crap, and i know that if i try to "give him a taste of his own medicine" that HE won't fucking give a damn... either that or he won't notice... i would TRY to get caught, and wouldn't. he is going to be 27 in less then a month. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!

i am entitling this "things i wish mike would do"

1) get a clue, i hate it when he goes in chat rooms and IMs people. he knows that i hate it, so fucking STOP doing it!!!

2) every once in a while, he can tell me that i look good, or that i am pretty/ hot/ sexy/ beautiful, whatever, but just to compliment me on my looks once in a while. in over 2 years, he never has, not once. and when i bring it up to him he says "i shouldn't have to tell you" um YEAH you should, i have like ZERO self esteem and hearing it once in a while never hurts anyone!

3) he needs to stop being such a fucking slave driver! if i am working 7 days a week, just because i don't go into work until 4pm, doesn't mean that he needs to give me a job list of "things for teresa to do". i am not twelve years old. he is not my dad. if i want to just fucking RELAX everyonce in a while, i am going to... not everyday, but seriously, since i have been working these jobs, and if i go into work ANYTIME after 11am, he says "this is what you need to do today... blah blah blah blah, and make sure that such and such gets done and don't forget to do this, and blah blah blah." like hello, i will fucking do it, IF i have time, and if i get to it that day, and if i don't, no biggie, i will do it the next day!

4) he could at the very least show a little enthusiasm for the wedding. he is always "jokingly" saying, "i know, don't remind me". well, the first few times, ha ha ha, but after that, it sucks to here it. i mean, if he thinks that it is still funny... i don't know.... my head hurts.

i am not asking him to give me the world, i am not asking him to castrate himself, all that i ask for is a little something in return from him.... (ex. if he is in the shower and he whistles he expects me to jump up and go to him, and if i don't, he gets all pissy and whistles for me until i come... I AM NOT YOUR PET ROVER!!!! i don't 'sit, heel or bark' on command. i said to him, "if you are in the other room and i have something to tell you, are you going to get off your ass everytime that i BECKON for you"... i received no comment. but if HE has something to tell me and i am in the other room, he will call me... i will answer "what" and he says "come here" and so i say "i can here you fine from here, what" and he says "come here"... and i repeat myself again, MY NAME IS NOT SPOT! so don't treat me like i am a dog!!!)

....i do believe that i am done ranting now, i think.... *sigh*, don't get me wrong, i love him but he is a PAIN IN MY ASS!
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05-23-04 1:02pm

Honey, just STOP doing the things that he watns you to (ie the lists), and express to him that you don't have to 'work' every day to be happy. You're 2 different ppl with 2 different outlooks, and what works for him doesn't necessarily work for you.

I'm sorry bebbe!

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