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BR0KENxSTAR (profile) wrote,
on 5-22-2004 at 2:37am
Current mood: extremely sad and lonely
Subject: <\3
hmm today was Friday. Nothing new really. Armando is hard to read. I think he likes me but then i always see him talking to Julia and stuff. I dont know. He said he wanted to prove to me that what happened on Friday was serious. How is he to prove that? Right now i just felt like it was revenge to get back at his girlfriend. That day plays over and over in my mind like a silent movie. I looked at him more closely, like i'd never seen him before. Lying there on the grass with his head blocking out the sun, him leaning over me, i'd never felt to open. So vulnerable. His hand in my hair warm lips caressing mine. It felt so right. His eyes were gorgeous. A perfect shade of chocolate brown that i love. He has 2 little scars above the right side of his lip that i failed to notice before. I felt so good, lying there under him with his fingers tickling the inside of my right arm and under my shirt on my stomach and side. That day i looked up at the sky and never realized how blue it really was. I fell in love with every little imperfection in him. Hes amazing. Hes not perfect, not even close, but hes amazing.

My fortune from my fortune cookie at dinner: Star light, star bright. Your wish will come true tonight.

:shrugs: My only wish is to be with Armando and for him not to hurt me anymore. Well, since there's only 30 minutes left in 'tonight' i guess thats not happening. :\

Today is fire and she b u r n s

Armando: If i score on Sunday i'm dedicating my goal to you.
Armando: Kay purtyful?

It seems like he likes me right? :shrugs:

Damn i'm lonely. These are the times when my depression takes over. :( All i want right now is to be with him. Just have him hold me in his arms. Just to be near him. Thats all i want.


Now im falling a p a r t.
Total eclipse of the heart.

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05-22-04 11:53am

im holly..i'm 13..almost 14.
i live in boring old iowa.
where the corn grows tall.

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