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drowning-in-you (profile) wrote,
on 5-24-2004 at 10:34pm
Current mood: great great kick ass great!
Music: Going Under is still stuck in my head from practice
Subject: they think i'm good?!...i still can't believe that...
well yeah i haven't been around much, i got frustrated a bit too much with my period this week, so i figured i needed to rest...we found out that we can't play at the senior assembly because not all of us are seniors, so joey & i are gonna do a song hopefully...that's coo...

the senior picnic is tomorrow so that'll be kickass...*yay*...then the downer is the concert...*oi*...oh well...

i'm kinda tired & need to get an interview done for my govt class right later...

damn i blushed today from someone i usually don't like to talk to...isn't that crazy?...damn, they think i'm good?!? :D...
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05-25-04 2:27am

and joey is right u do have a great voice and i belive u haven't even hit ur full potential really
rock on

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Re:, 05-25-04 9:45am

thank you ben, i really appriciate it! later...

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