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the-last-tear-will-fall (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2004 at 1:04pm

OMG! I had the most fun on sunday! I was on the phone talking to Olivia and Ian for like the longest time! We were tlaking about sex and stuff like that! It was hillarious! And then me and her and him are DEFFINATLY getting together soon, I just CAN'T wait! But she's gonna be gone this weekend so we gotta probley get together next weekend! Yay!!!!! I just can't wait! This weekend- I am stayign with Amber and Missy- maybe even for the whole weekend! My parents really need a break from me- lol and Frieday I am going to the movies- and I really want to invite Ian- b.c. him and I have been talking altely- we're gonna go see the day after tomorow! and yeah- IM SO EXCITED! I just gotta talk to Ian about it tonight! Well I gotta go- I LOVE YOU TOO OLIVIA!!!!! well ttyl! I'll write more soon!


Always keep the pictures they NEVER change- only the people in the do!
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