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spinoangel (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2004 at 5:38pm
Current mood: content
Music: the jealous sound - recovery room
Subject: i need the recovery room
sigh. days are a lot different when you get the right amount of sleep. all school days should be like this, dont you think? today i took english and art exams. they were alright. tomorrow is spanish and precal. should study. but havent started. procrastinating majorly. oh well. <3 hmmm. i feel like i need to do a project right now. i have the perfect one in mind. but anyways.... yeah i'm happy. not THAT excited about summer, but its definitely a step up from school. however my parents are very... frustrating sometimes. they won't let me have a car.... wont let me even drive alone... so whats the point of having my license? there really is none. stupid stupid. so i have to have a babysitter wherever i go or be taken by someone else. isnt that great? ugh. they trust other kids to drive me alone but they dont trust me to drive alone? and insurance costs too much. understandable reasons i guess. im still pissed though. will i end up being the only one who can't drive? grrrrrrrrrr. sigh. anyways. yeah. cant wait for it all the be over.

i love this song so much, i'm almost angry/regretful that i'm not angry and depressed.

she stood there in her summer dress
wind caught her hair and failed to confess
i smiled as we raced through the night
my hand caught her wings then nothing felt right

i know that i left you for dead
don't give up so soon
because you know that we all have a bed
it's waiting for you in the recovery room

just forget everything that i said
washed out the wounds, walls painted red
waiting for you in the recovery room
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05-26-04 6:11pm

nope, you wont be the only who who will never drive...i'll be right there with you...well not really right there...becuz i wont be able to come to ur house..cuz i wont be able to drive! lol. if that made sense?

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05-26-04 8:05pm

u won't be the only one. my parents are holding me back from even practicing to drive with them in the car. no way will i be getting my license anytime soon. and to top that off.... my mom thinks i should take driver's ed in junior year before i get my license. the best thing= park vista doesn't offer it. YES! she's gonna hafta let me drive! <3

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05-27-04 11:11am

yeh.. insurance is a bitch. u shud just make them driver u 2 SO many places that they'll get frustrated lol.

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05-28-04 1:11pm

....hmmm well there IS a solution to all of that, the babysitter part that is... I could be the babysitter. that could work right??? heh, well im still without a license and im a tad younger than you, but not that much, and i still dont have mine. so, your still kinda set. i love ya.

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05-29-04 10:37pm

hah.... i dont even have my permit yet.

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