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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 5-26-2004 at 8:15pm
Current mood: happy
Music: rooney - stay away
school is over in 2 days? i can't believe it and i'm so happy/sad about the whole thing. happy because this is the summer i turn 16, which means i get to drive wherever i want, whenever i want and sad because this is when i have to say goodbye to ashley cline, who i will miss dearly.

so today i went to pick up my car. my dad drove it home and he was like, "this is a nice car. maybe we will trade and you can have my car." i would love if this happened. for one, my dad's car is smaller and already has a cd player in it and plus it's a stick-shift which i think would be fun to drive once i learned. the only problem at the moment is that the car is a stick-shift and i need a lot more practice in learning how to drive it. we'll see i guess. at least i have a car. that's all i care about. my 14 year-old cousin was like, "you really want that car?" and i was like, "trust me patrick, when you turn 16 you aren't going to care about what kind of car it is"... by the way... it's a 95 oldsmobile ninety-eight. i am going to pimp out in that car like a old lady should be pimping in it.

hmm... done? yeah i think thats about it.

oh yeah... yesterday was my mom's birthday... she was depressed, really depressed. it was sad, really sad.

love. <3
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05-27-04 11:08am

ur gonna be the CRAZIEST driver.. and i mean that in every sense of the word lol.

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Re:, 05-27-04 7:59pm

lol. i'm a funny driver. i have a lot of road rage for people that use their brakes too much, go too slow, and wiggers in their pimped out civics. i'm a good driver though. it'll say it on my license... "safe driver" ;)

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Re:, 05-28-04 6:09pm

I remember driving with her Sameen. i felt totally safe. i swear.

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05-27-04 11:01pm

Ahahaha you with a stick shift too fast too furious?

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