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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 5-27-2004 at 12:45am
Current mood: sick
Music: printer
WEEE!!!! I am at school "working" on my semester portfolio. My computer died!!!! ;_;...NICKOOOOO!!! FIX IT!!! Come to my bday party as well!! DAMN YOU!!! (Gwen says Hi)

Belll about to ring....tata!

I don't feel good : (
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05-28-04 12:03am

You're computer dies a lot... and has problems... that's how my Macintosh and even this [Gateway] was... the Macintosh was my fault - I was mad at my brother and I threw a magnet at it... so yeah. The Gateway was not my fault... it kept having errors and restarting... like...10 times a day... we brought it to the Gateway store since it's warranty was stil active... and we got it fixed.. tehy replaced like... everything... yup... thought you should know that ^_^.

How don't you feel good? Tummy? Feelings?

I commented on your jounral... now could you please comment on mine? =)

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