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sinceibeenlovinyou (profile) wrote,
on 5-29-2004 at 4:01pm
Current mood: bored
Music: Cat Power-Sea of Love
Subject: That Night We Met, I Knew You Where My Pet
Just got back from Felicia's funeral and hour ago. There where so many people there it was crazy. She touched a lot of people though. I cried a little, but I didn't really know her.

I love this song. Cat Power-Sea of Love and The Doors-Crystal Ship. The Days are light and filled with pain. Steven is an idiot. It hurt to set him free, but he'd never follow me. Last time I'll see him until next year. I'll miss all my crushes from this year, but I can begin slowly killing myself all over again next year.

I need a break from that anyway because it confuses me. I hate them but I love them. I want Andy to stop being owned and just get beautiful and I want Steven to stop being whatever teen and I want Billy to stop being an ass and I want Him to actually talk to me. Oh shit, I just listed all of my...I hope no one from school reads this, that would just be...yeah...

I still remeber the last things all of them said to me. I need a life. I hate you all. I hate everything. I don't know why. I'm confused right now. Why did I start thinking?

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